Seller’s Stamp Duty


SSD is payable on all industrial properties and industrial lands that are bought on or after 12 Jan 2013 and sold within the stipulated holding period

Rates & Computation

SSD is computed by applying the neessary SSD rate on the higher of the selling price or the market value of the property as at the date of sale or transfer.


Date of Purchase On or After 12 Jan 2013

Date of Purchase / Acquisition or Date of Change of Zoning / UseHolding PeriodSSD Rate
(on the Actual Price or Market Value – whichever is higher)
On or after 12 Jan 2013Up to 1 Year15%
More than 1 Year & up to 2 Years10%
More than 2 Years & up to 3 Years5%
More than 3 YearsNo SSD Payable


(Sale . Purchase . Lease)


(Buyer’s Stamp Duty)


(Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty)


(Seller’s Stamp Duty – Residential)

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